Production Design and Styling

Project: Design a window display using recycled materials. Visual style: Pop-up books, tunnel books, and Victorian era advertisement artwork. Story: A young girl named Rosalie is lured into her dreams by the Sandman. Instead of a fantastical wonderland, the Sandman has tricked her into entering a nightmare. She must face her fears and conquer them before she can return to the comfort of her bed. She may have bested the Sandman in the end, but he will always be waiting in the shadows of her mind.

I was responsible for the overall concept and visual style. I designed and painted the human characters, fabricated 2D flats and scenic painted all of the furniture flats, fabricated drapery and designed the lighting.

Project: Design a window display to showcase students’ tree stump props. Concept: Each stump represents a different fairy tale/children’s story. Props were fabricated to tell the story and sets were built to further transform the window to tell our story. I came up with the concept and overall design and helped with fabrication of the props and scenic work on the back drop. I also led the install crew.

Project: Choose a theme and create a set for the shoot. I chose to do a Gothic/Dia de los Muertes inspired scene. I set dressed, provided costumes and installed wall fabric treatment.

Project: Create a production design  for a commercial product and set dress for the shoot.

Project: Create a production design for a food item and set dress the shoot.