Burning Man Projects- Ashram Galactica and Prairie Wind Chapel

Ashram Galactica is a well known theme camp in the Burning Man community and I have been involved with them for over ten years. We are the only 5 star bar and hotel on the playa. We have a majestic Moroccan tent which houses our main attraction, the Gilded Lily Bar. We also have four canvas tents that serve as our hotel rooms–which are given away by lottery every night we are open. Each of the rooms has a distinct theme and historical era. I designed and set dressed these four rooms. Another attraction at our location was the Swaying Palms Jazz Lounge–which I also designed and set dressed. I also designed the original room keys that were given to guests as a souvenir of their night’s stay at our establishment.

The Swaying Palms was meant to be a live Jazz lounge with a piano and small stage. Fit inside a 20′ geodesic dome, it’s visual style was influenced by our main bar’s Moroccan aesthetics.


Prairie Wind Chapel

As an Art Honoraria grantee, the Prairie Wind Chapel is an interactive, musical art installation. Its main influences are American Gothic architecture and First Nation cultures–predominately from the Saskatchewan regions in northern Montana and Canada. Our story is that of a long lost settlement of prairie ranchers and Native Americans displaced by the Dust Bowl. They formed a small community that worshiped the wind and built this chapel to honor it. At the center of the altar is an 1890s reed organ. Flanked on both sides are baton organs connected to two sets of wind pipes. The baton organs are powered by a windmill that pumps a wind chest. The reed organ is foot powered.  I worked closely with the artist, Robert Hoehn, to help visualize and bring his vision to life. I also helped with the fabrication of the altar and chandelier.